Classic Pints – Timothy Taylor’s Landlord

Timothy Taylor’s Landlord. There is a myth that good cask beer doesn’t travel, it is after all a living thing. We can all be past our prime after a long journey. Well. I’ve drunk Landlord at two of the extremes of the British Isles and found an incredible pint in both. What is it that draws beer fans to this beer again and again? A mix of quality, craftsmanship, and pure drinking pleasure?

Timothy Taylor’s Landlord

Landlord began life in 1953 and was a highly successful bottled beer but it really came into its own in the 1970s as brewers Timothy Taylors resisted the onslaught of keg products and emphasised the quality of their draught product. Brewed today at the Knowle Spring Brewery in Keighley, Yorkshire, Landlord is in a class of its own. Landlord is one of the best-selling draught beers in the UK.

Landlord has won more brewing industry awards than any other English beer including both the Brewing Industry Challenge Cup and CAMRA’s Champion Beer of Britain four times. A traditional Bitter, more precisely an English Pale Ale with a 4.3 % ABV Timothy Taylors brewing perfectly encapsulates the balance between malt, hop and yeast. No single flavour is predominant.

Timothy Taylor’s Landlord

Landlord pours a sunlight-catching, clear copper with a tight white head. You can catch hints of toffee, freshly baked bread, and orchard fruit on the nose. Landlord is exquisitely balanced, with flavours of caramel, biscuity malts, a touch of hoppy citrus and spice, and gentle bitter notes. It is refreshingly crisp on the palate with gentle carbonisation and a smooth, pleasing finish. Landlord is a versatile drink to pair with lots of dishes, However, it is really wonderful with a piece of fruitcake and a slice of Wensleydale cheese and perhaps the perfect pint to drink with traditional fish and chips.

Malt                                 Golden Promise Barley

Hops                                Styrian Goldings, Goldings, Fuggles

Yeast                               Taylor’s Taste Strain

Country of origin           UK

Style                                 English Pale Ale

Alcohol                            4.3 %


Bottled Landlord is filtered and suitable for Vegans.

Published by Christian Gott - An Island Chef

I am a food and drink writer, chef, one-time publican and restaurant manager, and qualified ASET trainer with over thirty years of experience in hospitality. I now live and work in the Channel Islands with my beautiful family. I’ve worked on six islands and in probably just about every type of business you can imagine, from beachside burger joints to world-famous pizza restaurants and in more than a few really good food pubs, historic country inns, and a former RAC Blue Riband UK Hotel of the Year. I have helped to create a small informal dinning group, been a group executive chef for eighteen diverse bars and eateries, demonstrated at food festivals, and contributed to the Real Food Festival Cookery Book, national and local publications, and podcasts. I am a proud member of the Guild of Food Writers and the British Guild of Beer Writers.

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